Cheers to coconut

The humble coconut has its moment as it hits the market all over the world as a super ingredient that is gaining acceptance in all industries.

Countless uses

The ubiquity of the coconut is evident in a variety of applications. Coconut oil is used to moisturize skin and hair, as well as in soaps and cosmetics. In addition, the hard shells, fibrous shells, and long pinnate leaves can be used to make a range of furniture and decorative items. So coconut is a versatile fruit that can be used in a variety of ways. Merajuddin Ansari, Executive Chef, Four Points by Sheraton Navi Mumbai says: “The fiber on the outside of the shell is used in ropes, floor mats, potting soil, mattress filling, brushes, mats, rugs, boat sealants (caulking). and sacks. In Brazil, tea made from peel fibers is said to help with inflammatory diseases. The coconut shells are also used as bird feeders, a refuge for small birds and mice. “Madhu Kargunda, founder of Tengin Coconut Products based in Arsikere adds:” Coconut shells, the outer layer of coconut, also known as coconut fiber, we used to have in villages Used for cleaning utensils, as a body brush it now has a shape and for dishwashers and vegetable cleaners and we also use it in agriculture that retains water, also called coconut. “
The humble coconut, an auspicious fruit according to Hindu tradition, is a symbol of prosperity and is said to welcome Lakshmi, the Hindu goddess of wealth. Nicky Lamba, Founder, Nesara Von Nicky says, “Doctors Doctors burned the bowls to prepare tooth powders, creams and ointments for burns. Charcoal is alcohol that is extracted from the hard shell and can also be used to make toothbrushes. The long pinnate leaves can be used as a material for the manufacture of various products for furnishing and decoration. “

Versatile ingredient

Coconut is an emollient and humectant made from fatty acids that can sometimes be comedogenic. “However, when you shop for products and read the labels, you can choose Caprylic / Capric Triglyceride in place of the words ‘coconut oil’. Coconut milk can be used in both face and hair masks. The leftover coconut flakes, dry or wet, are ideal for a facial peeling or a face mask, ”says Nikita Deshpande, co-founder of ilana. The coconut is one of the most versatile plants in the world. The pulp can be used for cooking and to make non-dairy milk substitutes. The water is a healthy electrolyte, the oil can be used for cooking and making natural cosmetics, while the shell and wood are used in construction. Coconuts are mainly used as a food ingredient in various forms such as oil, milk, flakes, and flour. “In addition to being used in cooking and skin care, coconut shells act as insect repellants when burned over low heat and are used in pujas because of their aroma. Coconuts also serve as good breeding grounds for growing flowering plants. The shell of the coconut is treated as firewood when it is spoiled, ”says Shweta Mahadik, clinical nutritionist at Fortis Hospital Kalyan.

Be beautiful

There are many ways to incorporate coconut oil into your beauty routine as a lip balm eye makeup remover, as a gentle cleanser to tame split ends and even moisturize your elbows and knees. Neha Sahaya, prominent nutritionist and fitness enthusiast explains, “Coconut oil is beneficial for use in cosmetics, typically as a moisturizer, and in soaps. It is said to take care of various skin problems like dark circles, hyperpigmentation and anti-aging. Coconut oil is used to cure various hair problems like hair loss, dandruff, increasing and improving not only the quality of the hair but also the eyebrows and eyelashes. As the popular keto coffee, it has become a common ingredient in the famous keto diet.

Health factor

Coconut helps in detoxifying your system as it is high in lauric acid, fatty acids, antioxidants, and high in minerals and vitamins. Lauric acid is useful in fighting viruses, fungi, and bacteria that cause many diseases in the body. It is effective in lowering triglyceride and cholesterol levels, reducing the chance of stroke or cardiovascular disease. Namrata Reddy Sirupa, Co-Founder of Satliva, adds, “They are extremely healthy, contain fast metabolizing fats known as MCT, and are also high in magnesium, selenium, iron and copper, which contribute to good heart health and lowering of blood cells Cholesterol Levels Leads. The benefits of growing coconut include the versatility of the whole plant and the many by-products that can be harvested from a single tree. “Shweta Shah, Celebrity Dietician & Nutritionist, Fitza says,” Coconut has been in all aspects of health since ancient times and lifestyle useful. Since it is high in healthy fats, it is useful as oils, soaps, topical creams, cosmetic products, and outer parts of the tree and fruit are used in brooms, furniture, and biodegradable options. “

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