Changing the mindset of Omani women on fitness

Our life needs change, needs activation and needs to be looked after. Many people have a tendency to engage in any kind of sports such as diving, soccer, lifting, swimming, etc. Since most of us have the same daily routine, wake up, go to work, have dinner, and sleep, this could be you easy change in our day by exercising at home or going to the gym. It is very useful because it will help reduce stress, anxiety and depression and gain the self-esteem we need.

Most Omani women are insecure or unmotivated about exercising or going to the gym.

Faiqa said, “I know amazing Omani women in the fitness world, most of them are certified personal trainers and want to make a change in the direction of the health and fitness world in Oman.”

However, she mentioned that tradition and culture make women feel that certain workouts are not intended for them, may be dangerous or unsafe, or that they think it is too manly while it is wrong and that all workouts are for all genders .

“A woman can exercise as much as a man,” she added. On the other hand, in this generation we can see that people are understanding and open-minded, so there are many determined women who consider the gym their priority.

“Whatever workout is right for you, it is the best workout, do what you love because workout is not a chore, it should be something you enjoy doing,” she said.

Women think lifting is a manly thing and they will look masculine. Faiqa played her part in correcting these thoughts and ideas. Women can do weight training and it is so good for their bodies. Women shouldn’t be afraid to lift weight because women’s hormones are not the same as men’s. It’s about feeling satisfied and confident in every workout or exercise we do. In the majority, some women like bodybuilding and women do it. Most common, however, is that women tend to keep fit. Faiqa said, “Exercise isn’t just for weight loss. it is said to help lead healthier lifestyles, improve overall health, mood, sleep, and various other reasons.

Faiqa lived insecurely because of her body, lived in her own shell. But life requires you to change. We cannot stay in the same circle every time. In the third year of her undergraduate degree, Faiqa decided to change her lifestyle, clear her mind and expose any stress she was getting by taking her first step towards a healthy lifestyle.

“I entered the world of health and fitness. It was a trial and error process, I made a lot of mistakes and learned from them, ”she added. She lost over 30kg and joined a new gym in Oman called F45 Training, which opened in 2019.

On her journey, she also discovered what a fitness community really is. She obtained her first certificate as a personal trainer through the ISSA. It was a challenge for her because she was a student at the university and at the same time she was doing her personal training certificate. Four years later, she became a personal trainer at F45 to lead and coach powerful women.

“Currently, Faiqa goes to a mixed gym. She believes in who she has become: “Wearing a hijab means humility. The opposite sex respects me as an Omani trainer because there is a purpose to focus on performance and be a better version of yourself, ”she commented. On the other hand, she is known to be fashionable and stylish during her training. She loves to inspire other girls around her to stay fit and chic.

Before growing up as an influencer, Faiqa was concerned that the field she is jumping into is not as common in her culture. It was her will to get people to accept her choice and the field she was joining. She feels like she is adding something new to her company.

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