Britney Spears Just Opened Up About Her Summer Weight Loss

It’s definitely no secret that Britney Spears had a summer. If you’re like many Britney fans, you’ve followed and cheered the beloved singer as she openly opens up on social media amid family drama. Late Friday, Brit posted one of her insightful pictures and wrote about the emotional journey of her summer weight loss, with some wellness insights that will help us all keep our feet on the ground.

Read on to find out about Britney Spears’ Weight Loss Spin and find even more encouragement in This is the Exact Age Your Metabolism Slows Down, says a new study.

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It was Friday night in Los Angeles when Britney Spears posted a pretty close-up of her face and cleavage, wondering what she was watching as she began to see her body tone.

Without a couple of emojis, she said, “It’s really weird when I try to lose weight, it usually starts with my legs first … then my stomach … then my face … and then I know I actually lost weight! !! ! [sic]”

Spears, who will turn 40 in December, added: “[…Y]You can really see how slim my face is, but I’m not sure I like it! “

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By the time she moved on to the mail, Britney had a passionate message about women and height: “In the old days, when women were heavier, men were considered more attractive because it was a sign of wealth !!!! [sic]”

She also pondered the connection between our emotional wellbeing and our looks: “I have a couple of look back dances from this summer that made me look heavier, but it’s weird because I think I was happier !!!! [sic]”

Staying fit isn’t just about looking good – it’s about happiness and general health. Check out these exact exercises to reduce your risk of fatal diseases, the study says.

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At the end of the post, the singer apologized for what she called “my superficial talk about weight”. (Hey Brit? We think any conversation about wellness is a conversation worth having!)

As a mother of two, who also holds a Grammy Award and has sold over 100 million records worldwide (according to the BBC), Britney knows that there is more to life than just being slim. As she regularly shows us on Instagram, there are some habits that she practices to stay balanced and enjoy life – read on.

As she often shares on Instagram, Britney is known for her culinary skills. Just this week, she shared a video making mean-looking avocado toast on grilled bread with sriracha, rock salt, chives, and lemon peel. (For your own avo inspo, check out 29+ best avocado recipes for any meal (even dessert!)

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Like many of us, Britney doesn’t shy away from the occasional dessert! In fact, she suggests she can bake better than cook, and recently made fun of it by saying, “I’m not a great cook, but at least I’m good at sweets!”

She has shown the results of baking extravaganzas and has conjured up treats like chocolate chip cookies and cheesecake.

(BTW – if you’re looking forward to more time in the kitchen as fall approaches, check out 20 cute hacks you’ll love for baking.)

Britney often posts on Instagram showing off her outdoor adventures hiking, horseback riding, and even walking on her hands in the grass. She is often accompanied by her famous fit friend Sam Asghari (whose nutrition plan we also have here).

What Britney is perhaps best known for, both on stage and on social media, is her love (and talent for) dancing. From all of the self-choreographed videos she posts on Instagram, it’s clear that this is one of her tried and true ways to stay fit!

Read on for more wellness inspiration:

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