Britney Spears Gets Honest About Weight Loss in New Instagram Post

Britney Spears is no stranger to the headlines – especially lately – but this time around, the spotlight is on the star’s refreshing prospect of weight loss and wellness. Released Friday, Spears shared a bare neck and cleavage selfie with her 33 million Instagram followers, complete with an open caption about her recent weight loss experience.

“It’s really weird whenever I try to lose weight, it usually starts with my legs first … then my stomach … then my face … and then I know that I actually lost weight !!!! … If you swipe to the second picture, you can actually see how slim my face is, but I’m not sure I like it, ”the star admits.

Spears, who will turn 40 in December, says she turns to yoga, weights, and bodyweight exercises – including their signature acrobatic moves – to help keep her toned physique.

“In the old days, when women were heavier, men were considered more attractive because it was a sign of wealth,” she continues. “I have some throwback dances … from this summer where I looked heavier, but it’s weird because I think I was happier.”

Before signing out, the star apologizes for touching the subject. “Sorry for my superficial talk about weight … but that’s what you know,” she concludes.

As expected, the fans quickly praised the beloved singer. “You are perfect the way you are,” wrote a follower. “You are beautiful, no matter what you weigh,” commented another. We could no longer agree.

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