Britney Spears Doesn’t Like ‘Slimmed Down’ Face After Weight Loss, Was ‘Happier’ Heavier

“I’m not sure I like it,” Spears writes alongside a few close-ups of her face.

Amid ongoing conversation and progress toward her goal of having a father Jamie Spears as their restorer removed – and perhaps the restoration as a whole, Britney Spears took a moment on Saturday to talk about something else that crossed her mind – her face.

The “Toxic” singer shared a few close-up facial images highlighting a recent weight loss journey that she says has finally reached her face and is creating a look she believes is noticeably slimmer than some of their dance videos from earlier this summer.


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However, in the caption to the photos, Britney says she’s actually not a fan of her stripped down looks. Pointing out the second picture in her series in particular, Spears wrote, “You can really see how slim my face is, but I’m not sure I like it.” She followed this with a couple of shrug emojis.

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“In the old days, when women were heavier, men were considered more attractive because it was a sign of wealth,” she noted. Then Spears pointed out that she thinks her face was fuller in some of those dance videos, adding, “It’s weird because I think I was happier.”

She explained that her body slims down first in her legs and then in her stomach before finally migrating to her face. Only when it reaches her face does Spears know that she has “actually lost weight”.

“Well … sorry for my superficial talk about weight,” she concluded with her Saturday thoughts. “But it is what you know.”


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On the #FreeBritney front on Thursday TMZ reports that Jamie is ready to step down as her restorer, implying that he would do so “when the time is right” and intends “to work with the court and his daughter’s new attorney to prepare an orderly transition to a new restorer “.

Although he has agreed to resign, Jamie’s attorneys do not believe that there are “real reasons for suspending him as head of their estate” – writing, “It is very questionable whether a change of conservatory at this point would be in the best interest from Mrs. Spears. “

Doctors went on to say that Jamie’s “public battle” with Britney would not be good for her either, calling him the “relentless target of unjustified attacks”. They continued, “Regardless of his formal title, Mr. Spears will always be the father of Ms. Spears, he will always love her unconditionally and always seek her best interests.”

Britney’s attorneys released their own statement on the development, saying they were “pleased but not necessarily surprised” by Jamie’s decision. “However, we are disappointed with their continued shameful and reprehensible attacks on Ms. Spears and others,” the statement said.


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“We look forward to continuing our vigorous investigation into the conduct of Mr. Spears and others over the past 13 years as he raised millions of dollars from his daughter’s estate, and I look forward to sharing Mr. Spears’ affidavit in the near future, “it went on.” In the meantime, Mr. Spears should step aside immediately instead of making false accusations and shooting cheap shots at his own daughter. “

Spears has been a listed building since 2008, with her father initially controlling both her personal and professional life. In June, amid the ongoing battle to have her father evicted, Britney herself spoke for the first time during a glowing and heartbreaking 20-minute courtroom statement.

She painted a terrible picture of abuse ranging from forced labor despite her protests to being forbidden to have children with her boyfriend Sam Asghari because the conservatory doesn’t allow her to have her IUD removed. She even says she was put on lithium against her will after she closed her Vegas residence. “I would like to sue my family, to be completely honest with you,” she said.

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