Best at-home metabolism tests of 2021

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Metabolic tests look at a person’s hormone levels or the release of carbon dioxide and oxygen. They can also point out a hormonal imbalance or help a person with their weight goals. Several companies offer metabolism tests for home use that can be purchased online.

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A metabolic test measures the rate at which the body uses oxygen or burns calories. It can provide an estimate of how many calories a person will burn while resting or exercising, which can help them with their fitness and weight goals.

Metabolism refers to the body’s process of converting food into energy. The body uses this energy for everyday tasks such as keeping warm, exercise and other activities.

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A person can have metabolic tests done at some health facilities and fitness centers. In addition, several companies offer home tests to help people determine their metabolism.

It is important to note that no home test can diagnose a health condition, so patients should interpret their results with the help of a doctor.

Some metabolic tests look at important hormone levels that can affect a person’s metabolism. These test results could indicate a hormonal problem that could affect a person’s weight and other health issues. For example, many hormone metabolism tests examine cortisol levels, thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH), and free testosterone.


A hormone metabolism test can show that a person has too much or too little cortisol. This hormone plays a role in regulating metabolism, the immune system, and the body’s response to stress.

Prolonged intake of too much cortisol can result in low libido. People with a uterus may have irregular or absent periods, which doctors call amenorrhea.

Too much cortisol can also lead to Cushing’s syndrome. This condition can cause many symptoms, including high blood pressure, mood swings, and rapid weight gain in the face, chest, and stomach.

In contrast, too little cortisol can also be a sign of Addison’s disease, which can be life-threatening without treatment. Some symptoms can include dizziness, fatigue, and unintended weight loss.

Thyroid stimulating hormone

A hormone metabolism test can show whether a person has too much or too little TSH. This hormone plays a role in maintaining metabolism, muscle control, brain development, and heart and digestive functions.

Too much TSH can indicate an underactive thyroid or hypothyroidism. Some symptoms of this condition include feeling cold, tired, and unintentional weight gain.

In contrast, a too low TSH content can indicate an overactive thyroid or hyperthyroidism. Some symptoms of this condition are unintentional weight loss, feeling hot, and symptoms of anxiety.

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Free testosterone

Testosterone is a hormone that is present in both women and men.

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In women with too much testosterone, this can be a sign of polycystic ovarian syndrome. Some symptoms of this condition include acne, increased body and facial hair, and a deeper voice.

Men with insufficient testosterone can experience symptoms such as increased body fat, insomnia, and erectile dysfunction.

There are four types of metabolic tests. The most common home test that checks for certain potential health conditions are metabolic hormone tests.

At home metabolism tests are often used to check levels of hormones in the blood or saliva. In addition to screening for hormone levels that may indicate an underlying condition, these tests can also point out causes of weight gain.

The following hormones can play a role in weight gain and loss:

  • Cortisol: Research has shown that higher levels of cortisol could predict greater weight gain.
  • TSH: Researchers aren’t sure what role the thyroid and TSH play in weight loss. However, a 2017 study shows that higher levels of free thyroid hormones in adults with obesity predict greater weight loss.
  • Free testosterone: Research shows that testosterone therapy can help men with low testosterone and obesity lose weight. The researchers suggest that testosterone therapy may promote sustained weight loss and help maintain a person’s weight goal when compared to other treatments.

However, people should always interpret their metabolic test results with the help of a doctor. If a person gets a test result that shows levels of hormones that are too low or too high, they should see a doctor for additional testing.

The following products are potential home metabolism tests that should be considered.

Everlywell metabolic test

Everlywell offers a variety of home tests that a person can use to assess their health. The company’s metabolic test provides information about a person’s cortisol, testosterone, and TSH levels.

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Once a person has purchased the test kit, they must register it on the Everlywell website. You then use the supplied lancet and accessories to take a blood and saliva sample. People then put the samples in the prepaid envelope and send them to the lab for analysis.

Everlywell will display the results of the test in an app for the person to review. The company also offers some guidance on what the numbers might suggest. However, this test is not a substitute for medical advice, so people should always see a doctor to discuss their results.

Everlywell offers a membership subscription where individuals pay monthly for regular testing at reduced individual testing costs.

myLABBOX at home metabolic test

This test checks a person’s cortisol, TSH, and testosterone levels.

To use this test, people must do a finger prick and collect a sample of saliva. Then send the samples in a prepaid envelope to the myLABBOX laboratory, which is certified according to the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments.

The company says individuals can get free consultation from a doctor if the results show hormone levels that are too high or too low.

Verisana weight hormone check

Verisana states that her weight test can tell people if an imbalance in hormones is affecting their weight. This test looks at the following hormone levels:

This test requires a saliva sample. People then send the sample to the lab that works with the company. The company compares the person’s hormone levels with the averages of other people their age. When people get their results, they see that one hormone indicator is green, which means it’s in the average hormone range, or red, which means it’s too high or too low.

People should see a doctor if they get a result that shows hormones are too high or too low, or if they think more testing is needed.

A person can speak to a doctor if they get a metabolic test result that shows their hormone levels are too low or too high. Although the test cannot diagnose what is causing these uncharacteristic values, a doctor can do it.

A person interested in using the home metabolic test for weight loss or maintenance should speak to a doctor, nutritionist, or fitness professional who can help develop a diet and exercise program that will suit their needs.

Below are some common questions about home metabolism testing.

Is a Home Metabolism Test Accurate?

The accuracy of home metabolic tests is difficult to determine. Home tests can give a general indication of a person’s overall metabolic health. However, people should always see a doctor to discuss concerns about test results or if they experience symptoms that they believe may be due to hormonal imbalance.

A doctor can recommend further tests, and if they diagnose a condition, they can discuss a person through their treatment options.

Do you need to fast before a test?

A person should follow all fasting instructions that come with their testing kit or device.

What is the function of the metabolism?

Metabolism is a reaction that supplies the body with energy. Food and drink provide energy that the body metabolizes to keep it healthy. The body uses this fuel for movement, growth, reproduction and development.

The rate at which a person metabolizes food and drink depends on several factors, including:

Home metabolic tests can show whether a person’s hormone levels are too high or too low. Hormone levels that are too low or too high can lead to symptoms such as fatigue, mood swings, and unintentional weight loss or gain.

People should see a doctor as soon as they get their test results to determine the cause of these uncharacteristic hormone levels.

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