Best Android, iOS Apps for Home Exercises

With the world turned upside down by the pandemic, many were forced to work from home and haven’t returned to the office in a year. Depending on the mildness of the area, some companies have been made overly cautious with their procedures and have made working from home the standard. This means that many workers are in custody and have only limited opportunities to exercise. Thankfully, the epidemic has arrived in the middle of the digital age, which means that if you only have a phone with you, all is not lost. Are you looking for an app that can give you training advice while stuck at home? Here are some of the best fitness apps for Android and IOS.

Top mobile apps to help you exercise at home

Card my run

It’s no surprise that Under Armor has become a mainstay in the fitness community because of its quality products, meaningful collaborations, and extremely aggressive marketing. What is surprising, however, is how good their Map My Run app is.

If you’re only into running / jogging, there are few apps that compare to this one. The app tracks your running route and precisely measures the duration of your jogging. If your run is consistent, Map My Run also gives you a breakdown of your performance and even has an online feature that lets others know about your running routes and progress.

This running tracker is one of the few out there who understands the weight of building an online community and seems like one of the best choices for veterans and beginners alike. This app can be downloaded for free.

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Fitness buddy

What Map My Run does to running, Fitness Buddy does to weightlifting. The app is crucial for those looking to take their weight lifting routines to the next level. Fitness Buddy is quite timely and has recognized the importance of offering programs that are geared towards exercising at home. The name this app chose wouldn’t be entirely correct if it didn’t also take into account the nutrition plans.

Fitness Buddy also focuses on sophisticated nutrition plans and a range of recipes to help fitness enthusiasts take responsibility for every aspect of this lifestyle. Diets like keto, paleo, and more are available for reference. The app offers over 400 exercises with videos, step-by-step photos and detailed instructions so that even the newest members of the fitness community can really work up a sweat. This app can be downloaded for free.

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JEFIT training planner

The name of the app says it all. The JEFIT Workout Planner is best suited for relatively experienced fitness fans who are thrilled to keep mixing up their workout routines. The software works more like a digital journal than a training guide. That currently has over 8 million users and it also has trackers and programs, but serves as an assistant to your design rather than a primary function.

If you’ve tried personalizing your own workouts but are looking for inspiration, the app is here for you too. Beginners, advanced, sports, device-based, body weight and many more options are available to you. Best of all, the all-rounder approach may not work for those who have a heavy focus on a particular fitness style, but it is great for anyone at home. This app can be downloaded for free.

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Training for women

Women have their own types of workouts that are more suitable for them and many apps only offer general guidance that doesn’t fully take into account body type. Workout for Women serves its purpose in its name, offering some of the best workouts for women who are either short on time or would like to spend hours on it.

The user interface is cleverly divided and anything you want is easily accessible. The app was named Google’s Best Free Women’s Exercise App in 2020 and Google’s Best Health and Fitness App in 2019. If you are a woman who wants to keep fit this app is an absolute must to at least try it out. This app can be downloaded for free!

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30 days fitness challenge – training at home

The community, which gives this app 4.8 out of 5 stars, should show you how wonderfully the 30-day fitness challenge app is packaged. The 30 Day Challenge, while not the most polished program, does offer coaching tips and training plans that focus on workouts at home. This app has more than gone with the times and will do you good.

The interface is extremely easy to use and the suggested exercises are mostly based on body weight; That means you won’t be halfway surprised when you realize you need to go out to buy some free weights.

If you don’t need training for your entire body, you can use a whole month for your butt and abdominal challenge. If you’re happy with the results, there is a built-in online platform that lets your friends know that home is just another gym for you. This app can be downloaded for free.

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Nike training club

It’s nice to be involved in things, especially when it comes to the community of one of the world’s leading fitness brands. Nike has surpassed the status of a fitness-only apparel / equipment brand, but has also become a name that also has the highest status in terms of fitness knowledge.

The app features workouts led by professional trainers and explores all types of workouts, including yoga and HIIT. Lessons can be studio-based, meaning the teacher in the app does the actual training with you, just like they would in a class. This application has it all and is reflective enough to know that there will always be beginners who need more fitness guidance. This application can be downloaded for free.

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