Appinio survey shows more are considering a plant-based diet

The market research platform Appinio has examined public opinion on plant-based foods.

64% of respondents said they had bought plant-based foods in the past year. The reasons for this were among others:

  • The taste
  • Health benefits
  • Environmental concerns
  • The desire to advance animal welfare.

Appinio was founded in 2014, is headquartered in Hamburg and has a turnover of 1 million US dollars.

Being plant-based is no longer a trend

Two similar terms should not be confused here:


A vegan does not consume anything with animal products – not at all.

This often extends to toiletries and clothing – even bills. In 2017, The Bank of England came under extreme pressure from vegans to change the new 5 pound notes after the plastic was found to contain animal fat.


A plant-based person might want to become vegan at some point, but cannot do without one (or two) vital products with animal products. You are “mostly vegan”, where the majority of their diet consists of fruits, vegetables, nuts, and legumes – plant-based.

In the past, veganism was viewed as monotonous and pedantic, sucking the fun out of life that it supposedly wanted to improve.

But slowly, there was a growing public understanding of the health benefits, the terrible lives of slaughtered animals and, perhaps most importantly, the environmental impact of the meat and dairy industries.

In the age of social media, once isolated vegans or plant-based people could build a community, organize events, share recipes, and spread the benefits of their diet in their digital social circles. Supermarkets caught the trend and began offering plant-based products, making it easier for consumers to slowly experiment with a meat- and dairy-free diet.

In 2006, Doctor Michael Osterholm warned Oprah Winfrey that the next pandemic was overdue – and that it would likely come from human contact with animals. While vegans didn’t celebrate the arrival of COVID-19, the research firm did Mintel noticed, that 25% of 21 to 30-year-olds believed that the pandemic had made a vegan diet more attractive. Many consumers want to distance themselves from meat after the virus outbreak at a wet food market in Wuhan, China.

Appinio’s research shows:

  • The plant-based food market is estimated at $ 74.2 billion by 2027
  • According to the study, taste, price, and texture are the top reasons people choose not to eat plant-based foods
  • However, 51% of respondents said they would consider switching some of their meat consumption to plant-based alternatives
  • Of those who had heard of cultured or laboratory-grown meat alternatives, 41% said they would consider switching some of their meat consumption to these instead of meat-processing products
  • 7% of the respondents state that they would like to switch completely to vegetable meat

“We have identified the plant-based and cultivated food industry as a key industry for monitoring consumer behavior,” said Jacqueline Junke, UK leader in Appinio. “We are seeing tremendous advances in this area as shown in the growth opportunities for major global food brands and the emergence of many new brands in this space. Due to the combination of health and environmental concerns, we were keen to see the attitude among the British and were not surprised that so many considered switching parts of their diet to plant-based alternatives, often believing it was healthier. It will be interesting to see how quickly these moods change and whether, as people become more educated, they decide to change their buying and consumption behavior permanently. “

People who have become herbal

The idea of ​​going without cheese horrifies many – but a number of celebrities have made the switch from dairy to plant-based products:

Gordon Ramsey

The revered chef once claimed to be allergic to vegans, but this year became a spokesman for Silk, a plant-based dairy brand – despite experimenting with plant-based foods for years. Yet Ramsey’s plant-based path was not inspired for the environment or animal welfare: “From a restaurateur’s point of view, I saw a more creative demand for plant-based cuisine. Keeps cooks busy! Given the demanding times on my schedule, it was absolutely critical to eliminate dairy products from my diet on a daily basis. “


The singer has documented her vegan journey on Tick ​​tock. After years of being a vegetarian, Lizzo decided to change her diet. “Living on a plant-based and vegan basis has been pretty easy, except when I’m hungover,” he said Good as hell Singer explains.

Kevin Smith

In 2018, employee Director Kevin Smith suffered a heart attack that almost killed him. In his recovery, Smith was told that his high cholesterol was partly to blame. His daughter Harley Quinn suggested that she follow a plant-based diet.

“The nutritionist explained the benefits of a plant-based lifestyle, and Harley picked up on that moment,” explains Smith. “So I said, well, I’ve been eating the way I want for 47 years, I’ll try your way for a few months.”

Within half a year Smith had lost 22 kg, his blood pressure normalized and the father-daughter duo started one Podcast, Vegan slaughterhouse.

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