Angela Deem’s Weight Loss Update Gets Unexpected Reactions

Angela Deem of the 90-day-fiancé is ridiculed for promoting weight loss products on Instagram again, this time in the wake of the Tell-All fiasco.

Angela Deem out 90 days fiance revealed her weight loss progress to Instagram fans, but the comments were far from what Michael Ilesanmi’s wife might have expected. The 90-day fiancé: happy for the rest of your life? The Tell All Special gave fans and cast a front row ticket to Angela’s exhibition of toxic behavior aided by the flash of her new breasts. It’s been over a week since TLC viewers were drawn to Angela’s Blast, and judging by the comments on her transformation update, they’re not over it yet.

In August 2020, the controversial Angela underwent five surgeries in one day to transform herself. It was risky for Angela to go under the knife at the age of 55, but the boisterous reality TV star did it anyway. Meanwhile, 90-day fiancé star Angela claimed she received no help from Michael, despite the fact that she felt she would have had a heart attack if she hadn’t had an operation. Still, during Tell-All, Happily Ever After celebrity celebrity Angie realized she was getting implants, which Michael agreed to after she lost nearly 100 pounds from a breast reduction surgery, liposuction, and hernia surgery.

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Since the breakdown of 90-day fiancé star Angela rocked fans eagerly awaiting the reunion special Happily Ever After, they have expressed their frustration in their Instagram comments. However, a new photo of Angela promoting weight loss gums gave them another reason to challenge their apparent double standards. In the picture, Angela was wearing a sports bra with layers of gold necklaces and a face covered in makeup while posing in her kitchen. “Come on. Why are you promoting this if you haven’t lost weight like that !!!” asked one of Angela’s Instagram followers, and another 90-day fiancé wrote: “I love Angela, but it’s just false advertisement for * *** that doesn’t work. “

Fans found another major issue in 90-day fiancé Angela’s post caption using words like “detox” and “antioxidants”. They wondered why Angela advocated good habits when she was unable to quit smoking herself. “Girls stop playing,” one fan said to Angela when several others mocked her for undergoing expensive surgery that gave her a flat stomach and then falsely promoted a product that appeared to help. Angela was also asked instead of the gummy bears to encourage kindness and humility and to stop offending her Nigerian husband.

This is not the first time Angela has disappointed her fans for promoting weight loss products that did not help her lose weight. The Hazlehurst, Georgia resident appears to have a contract with the company as the frequency of her ads for it on Instagram has increased. Like Angela, many other 90 Day Fiancé stars have faced backlashes over false advertising, such as: B. Azan Tefous ex Nicole Nafziger, who advertises slimming teas on Instagram. Amid the criticism, however, Angela has a large chunk of 90 days fiance Fans who go crazy about her transformation and say she looks “amazing” which is all that matters.

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