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I promised a reader that I would update my weight loss journey from time to time and have really missed out recently.

So I think it’s time for another

It’s still going well. Better than I expected to be honest. I’ve lost 70 pounds since January 10th. There have been a lot more ups than downs in the past eight months, but there have been weeks that just puzzled me.

I weigh every Sunday. And last Sunday’s scale reading showed minimal weight loss from the week before. It can be frustrating. Especially since you know you had a great week outside of a day.

I took my daughter to Pizza Ranch on Saturday. We were home without mom for most of the weekend. We stayed home on Friday, but I let her pick the spot for Saturday and we hadn’t been there in ages.

I tried to eat as best I could but indulged in a pizza and finished her cheese sandwich.

Unfortunately, that day probably affected the next morning’s dial reading.

And it came after a heavy week of training where I trained for 30 minutes every day and reached more than 11,000 steps on five of the seven days, including 20,000 steps on Thursday.

I have already experienced similar weeks. Where you think Libra looks great and just isn’t. And then in another week I lose more than I expected.

It’s a process. And one I don’t plan on getting away from. I like this version of me a lot more than the one I was in January. It won’t be easy and I’m sure I’ll have some difficult moments, but I have no plans to go back.

I’ve also changed my goal since the beginning. I thought to myself why stop now and commit to a goal. You can always improve.

Instead of trying to gain about 220 pounds (I weighed 224 pounds on Sunday), the new goal is to lose 100 pounds by next spring break.

We have planned a trip for the first time in my memory at this time and I would love to be under £ 200 for it. Would I be at this milestone for the first time since college? I don’t even know when I was last under 200 pounds.

The last time I gave an update I had to get through State Wrestling and State Track and some other key times of the year when it’s basically impossible to eat well. But I did it.

Protein bars were a lifesaver. I only put a few in my bag every day and it got me through long days.

I met a former chef at the Iowa Shrine Bowl in late July and we talked a little about the changes. He doesn’t know how to get rid of energy drinks. It’s a staple for sports journalists who work long days and stay up until 2 a.m. every night.

The truth is, I haven’t given up on her. One of my biggest early changes was adjusting my shopping at gas stations. I love gas station food and drinks. It’s fast. It’s easy. And all of this is not that expensive.

I gained up to 294 pounds from buying sugary energy drinks and hot gas station food like hamburgers, chicken and rib sandwiches, burritos, and corn dogs every night.

Now my almost daily trips to Kwik Star consist of diet pop, sugar-free and calorie-free energy drinks, and bananas with the occasional thrown muscle milk.

I still have a protein shake for breakfast every day. This includes protein powder, ice cream, and a banana. I recently added pumpkin to the shake after one of my fitness YouTube personalities told me it helps with muscle growth. So we’ll see how to do that.

Another friend asked me the other day if I only eat chicken breasts now. I giggled a little, but she’s not far away. I eat a lot of chicken breasts.

Some other important low-calorie foods that have played a role in weight loss are cottage cheese, Greek yogurt, tuna sandwiches, hard-boiled eggs, bananas, apples, and cucumber sticks.

I also eat a lot of salads. I put chicken breast, eggs, and croutons in it and I don’t think I’m suffering from it.

In the last column update I mentioned that I do daily pushups and squats. That is still going strong. I now do 4 sets of 25 each, so 100 per day. It helps me do some exercise even if I can’t go to the gym that day.

Here is my next goal of 100 pounds and here is to limit the amount of Mexican food I eat weekly.

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