’90 Day Fiancé’: Tiffany Reveals She’s Getting Weight Loss Surgery, Denies Relationship With Cameraman

’90-Day Fiancé ‘: Tiffany Reveals She Is Having Weight Loss Surgery, Denies Relationship With Cinematographer

The marriage of the 90-Day Fiancé couple Tiffany and Ronald has not improved since this season of 90-Day Fiancé: Happy until the End of Time? wrapped. In part one of the Tell-All special that aired on Sunday, the couple continued to fight, and Ronald accused Tiffany of having an inappropriate relationship with a cameraman.

Tiffany and Ronald struggled all season because Tiffany accused Ronald of not looking after their children. Her trip to South Africa to visit him was disastrous as she felt that he was not financially responsible and that he still did not give her a break in terms of childcare – for example, refusing to change his daughter’s Diapers.

“When I got home, it hit me twice as hard, doing everything on my own, having all the finances on me, and basically being a single mother of two without Ronald’s help,” she told the cameras on TV -all . “So I put my foot on my feet and said, ‘If you can’t be a man and support your children, then you don’t really deserve to be a father.’ So I’ll do my own thing. “

As for Ronald, he admitted that he didn’t treat Tiffany right, but at the same time she can never admit that it is her fault. He also said that she did not really want him with her in the United States because she did not submit the relevant documents.

“Tiffany is the boss,” he said. “I’m always wrong, I’m always the piece of shit. … I love the fact that it is strong. But the thing is … a woman is a woman. A woman is not a man. A woman cannot be a man and she literally does. “

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They then talked about the blowout fight they had during the season finale, and Ronald said the real reason he was losing his temper was because Tiffany had an inappropriate relationship with a cameraman.

“She sat with a bottle of Bacardi that she took out of the car because she’s going to be staying at the hotel with the damn cameraman,” he said as her fellow actors gasped in shock. “The whole time we film, she and this guy are way too friendly to each other.”

Ronald said Tiffany wouldn’t stop talking about how great the cameraman was and that he did anything for her, but Tiffany denied that she did anything wrong.

“He was jealous of the cameraman. I don’t know why,” she said. “I don’t really know how to react to him. He was jealous.

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Tiffany later shared important news about her health. She said she was undergoing the same weight loss surgery as her teammate Angela, but much like Angela’s husband Michael, Ronald did not support her.

“Yeah, I’m excited, it was a long process, but in the beginning he didn’t support me, but I just know what is happening in my life right now that is the right step for me,” she said.

Ronald said he would prefer Tiffany “put in work” to lose weight and that she would appreciate the results much more. Angela, 54, said Ron was right because Tiffany, 27, was much younger than her.

“It’s not going to be easy, it’s going to be really difficult,” replied Tiffany. “Because the surgery changes the way you eat, but not your mind. So that’s the work that needs to be done after the surgery.”

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