8 Easy Drinks to Help You Lose Kilos Instantly

Weight Loss Tips: There are some drinks that will keep you full longer. However, there is no quick way to lose weight or drinks and beverages resulting in instant weight loss. Certain drinks prevent you from consuming excess calories throughout the day.Also Read – Weight Loss Tips And Precautions: How To Use Apple Cider Vinegar In Diet To Shed Extra Pounds

Not only do these prevent you from consuming excess calories, they also boost your metabolism. This in turn will help you burn your calories more efficiently. Also Read – Weight Loss Tips: The 10 Best Superfoods That Can Help You Shed Kilos and Improve Your Metabolism

We have compiled a list of drinks that will keep you full longer and help you on your weight loss journey. Also Read – Here Are 5 Simple Hacks To Lose Belly Fat Fast


Water is known to be the best option for weight loss. It fills your stomach and prevents you from overeating and is also calorie-free. According to a 2019 study, increasing water intake resulted in a decrease in body weight to 5.15%.

Green tea

Green tea is a rich source of catechins and caffeine, which can help boost your metabolism. According to research, caffeine can help burn fat and increase the number of calories you burn while resting. In addition, according to a small study from 2005, it was found that overweight and obese people consumed green tea containing 150 milligrams of caffeine for three months. This was linked to further weight loss and fat loss. This also led to a reduction in the waist size.

Black tea

Just like green tea, black tea contains healthy nutrients like antioxidants and polyphenols. These help reduce the risk of obesity. According to a 2018 review, tea containing polyphenols reduces your intake of fats and sugars. This leads to a reduction in calorie intake and thus supports weight loss.


Kefir is basically a fermented diary. It contains almost 61 strains of healthy probiotics. Erin Kenney, RD, CEO of Nutrition Rewired, said, “Probiotics have been shown to reduce weight and belly fat due to their roles in insulin resistance, inflammation and fat storage.” According to the 2016 study, significant weight reduction can be seen in overweight and obese people Have had two servings of kefir drinks with their high-dairy, calorie-free diet for 8 months. There was also a reduction in waist size in people who consumed it compared to people who did not.

Protein shakes

Whey protein, soy protein, egg white protein, casein protein, pea protein have helped a lot in losing weight. These protein shakes help you stay full longer and burn more calories as they use more energy for your body to digest.
According to a 2014 review, digestive protein may help increase calorie burning. You burn up to 15% to 30% while carbohydrates and fats can only increase the speed by 3 to 10%. High protein diets tend to burn more calories compared to other diets.

Black coffee

Coffee is an example of how appetite and caloric intake can decrease, increasing the overall speed at which you burn calories for the rest of the day. According to a small 2020 study, drinking four cups of coffee a day for 24 weeks has been linked to a 4% reduction in body fat in obese adults.

Apple Cider Vinegar

According to Gillespie, acetic acid can boost your metabolism. This ingredient is found in apple cider vinegar. Not only that, it also helps keep your stomach full by slowing down food intake. This also prevents your tooth enamel from eroding.

Vegetable juice

Vegetable juice contains fiber that helps in weight loss. Although, eating vegetables is much preferred. Leptin is a hormone secreted by fat cells and has been linked to obesity. Vegetable juice helps in reducing leptin.

Many experts have suggested that the effective way to lose weight must be through proper diet, sleep schedule, and regular exercise.

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