49ers’ Sourdough Sam on his key rivals, favorite dance song and beard-grooming tips

Sourdough Sam is touted as “the NFL’s hardest working mascot” in these parts.

He’s also the biggest 49ers fan – at least in terms of hat size.

As a fun-loving gold prospector with a huge beard and an appetite for sourdough bread, he has been delighting fans since the days of the team in Candlestick Park. Now, with his miner’s pick high in the air, Sam leads the 49ers on the field at Levi’s Stadium.

It is a job that requires a lot of stamina and a lot of energy. So when he’s not leading the crowd, he’s doing his cardio workout and fueling up with good food. In the offseason, Sam likes to meet young fans at 49er youth camps, schools, birthday parties and other events. And he supposedly greets everyone – even fans of the Los Angeles Rams – with a big smile and a strong punch.

In the run-up to the new football season, Sourdough Sam took time from his busy schedule to answer a few haunting questions in a super exclusive interview.

Q: We think it’s cool how to get into the games for free and hang out on the field. But what’s the best part about being a mascot?

A: The best part about being a mascot is increasing the crowd’s energy before, during, and after a game. This energy is needed most when the team is running onto the field and in the fourth quarter of a close match.

Q: Describe yourself in three words.

A: The mascot of the people.

Q: Do you have a favorite dance song?

A: Yes. “Happy” by Pharrell Williams.

Q: What is your first choice if you want to wow the crowd at Levi’s Stadium?

A: I would say my classic “GO-NINERS!” Sign. They always get the crowd going.

Q: You are obviously in fantastic shape. Tell us about your training program.

A: I stay in shape with 49ers PREP workouts. 49ers PREP, presented by US Bank, empowers Bay Area youths to lead healthy lifestyles by engaging in physical activity and promoting the growth of student athletes off the field. We do different exercises for 60 minutes. We end up breaking into a dance party. I love to dance!

Q: What makes 49ers fans so special?

A: They are called the believers for a reason. There is also a sea of ​​red and gold when it comes to away games. Our fans always represent winning or losing.

Q: Who is your fiercest mascot rival? And why?

A: The Seattle Seahawks mascot, Lightning. … MORON!

Q: give us the inner shell. Are you friends with other mascots? Is there a professional mascot association?

A: We’re all great friends. While we may not agree on which team is the best, we meet each year for our NFL Mascot Summit, where awards are given. I won the “Stunt of the Year” in 2019 because I drove a big wheel down a very winding road in San Francisco.

Q: Wow, that’s impressive … If you, Lou Seal (Giants), Stomper (A’s) and SJ Sharkie (Sharks) ever got together for dinner, what do you think you would be discussing?

A: If we met for dinner it would be EPIC! I’m sure we’d discuss who pays for dinner.

Q: If you had a design for a mascot dream team, who would your favorites be?

A: No. 1 Lou Seal; No. 2 SJ Sharkie; No. 3 Swoop (Philadelphia Eagles); No. 4 Benny Da Bull (Chicago Bulls).

Q: You clearly love to be the center of attention. But how do you deal with all that fame and stay on the ground?

A: I have Coach DC, my mascot manager, to keep me humble and focused. You can contact him for appearances or even for an item signed by me. DC always has my back. (For booking information and fun facts go to sourdough.sam@49ers.com).

Q: If the 49ers ever needed you to play in a pinch, which position would best demonstrate your skills?

A: I would be the kicker like Robbie Gould! I love to kick and I have a lot to do with it. In fact, I’m shocked that I haven’t received a call from (49ers General Manager) John Lynch!

Q: To be honest, your wardrobe – jeans and jersey – is pretty limited. Ever dream of getting off at Gucci or Brioni?

A: I love nothing more than coming down in my Levi’s 501 jeans.

Q: Hairy men everywhere want to know: How do you keep your beard so well?

A: I wash it with gold flake shampoo. Keeps my beard soft and shiny all day.

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