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Despite the lack of sleep and constant drowsiness, I still remember a moment from the early days when my firstborn was at home: my mom was in town to help, my husband was on paternity leave, and my baby was sleeping peacefully. Even so, I still couldn’t break away from my son long enough to take a much-needed nap during the day. As a new parent, the love I felt for my son was expected – but fear was not. The moment I tried to close my eyes, I felt the train to get up again and see to his well-being.

It. Was. Stressful. And honestly, it didn’t do us any favors either. That’s why I had to laugh every time I heard the advice “sleep when the baby is asleep”. It wasn’t that easy for me. To get a good rest when my baby slept, I had to be sure that he was fine. The video baby monitor I had at the time could give a glimpse of my dreaming baby, but it was still an incomplete picture of how he was really doing. (Not to mention sleeping with one eye open wasn’t exactly effective.)

Because of this, my entire parenting experience took a turn for the better when I got the Owlet Smart Sock + Cam Duo in time for my second baby’s arrival. As the first intelligent baby monitor combo that goes beyond a video stream, the duo enabled me to track my baby’s heart rate, oxygen levels and sleep trends – without having to be in the same room or even awake to check on the baby. With the knowledge that my baby was soundly asleep, I was finally able to sleep a little better. (AKA, the best gift for all new parents!)

The Owlet Smart Sock + Cam Duo is truly in a league of its own as the best baby monitor – and for numerous reasons. Let’s break it down …

You will get a complete picture of your baby’s wellbeing.

As a new parent with a traditional video monitor, I didn’t know what I was missing. So when I got my hands on the Owlet Smart Sock, my eyes were opened to how much better the monitoring experience could be: By working together to not only provide a look at my baby’s appearance, but also readings that showed I had the full picture of what else was going on in her precious little body.

The easy-to-use monitor app simultaneously shows the baby’s video feed and real-time readings for heart rate and oxygen levels, and you can even use the cam sensor to track the temperature in the baby’s room. It’s all so much better than risking sneaking into the room to see how they’re doing!

You can help your baby develop healthy sleeping habits.

This feature really is the next level: the Owlet Smart Sock lets you track your baby’s sleep trends – including total hours of sleep, number of times you woke up, quality of sleep, and more. All of this is invaluable feedback if you want to steer your baby’s sleeping habits in the right direction.


You can sleep more comfortably.

For me, the greatest benefit of the Owlet Smart Sock + Cam Duo was the relief from my anxiety. With the knowledge that I would be notified immediately if necessary, I was able to relax more when I got the chance.

Even better, Owlet passes this promise on to all buyers with the 30-night peace of mind guarantee. This allows you to test the duo for up to 30 days and then return it if you are not satisfied. (Which, to be honest, is very unlikely!)

The quality of the video monitor is unbeatable.

With my old video monitor, I had to set it up * just * so that I could see my baby – and then hope that it didn’t wobble out of the frame at night. With the 130-degree wide-angle view and 4x zoom of the Owlet Cam, you can easily keep an eye on your baby. The auto-adjusting HD night vision gives you an even better view of your baby at night than if you were trying to go to the darkroom to check yourself out.

You will receive notifications when your baby’s readings leave preset zones.

With the duo you know the moment when your baby needs you. The Owlet Base Station and the free app send instant notifications when your baby leaves the “preset zones” in their readings so you can quickly review them. You can also turn on sound and motion notifications when your baby wakes up.

The Smart Sock also connects to the base station via Bluetooth so that you can still receive notifications if the WiFi fails or you don’t have your phone with you.

The data and video stream is secure.

You want a view of your baby and a picture of how well they are – but that doesn’t mean someone else should have access to it. All data is secure and encrypted, which means you have complete control over who can stream videos or view health data. But don’t worry – with your permission and a few simple steps, you can share access with a partner or caregiver via the Owlet app.

The duo is HSA and FSA approved.

By combining the Smart Sock and Cam, you get the best price for both. However, don’t be intimidated by the price tag at first glance. With the option to split payments into monthly parts or use HSA / FSA funds to buy the duo, the security price may be less than you think.

And, hint tip, the duo is a perfect addition to the baby registry. Trust me, if I could go back when I signed up for products it would be the first item on the list.

Take a closer look at that Owlet Smart Sock + Cam Duo– and imagine how much better you and your baby can sleep.

This article is sponsored by Owlet. Thank you for supporting the brands that support Motherly and Mamas.

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