25-Minute Abs Workout with Gliders

Between back-to-back work meetings, a growing pile of dishes, and pets in need of affection these days, it can often feel like you have somehow less free time these days – although many people still skip commuting to the office. Plus, finding the motivation to hit the gym to stay in WFH-approved loungewear all day can feel like a Herculean effort.

But if you have a 30-minute break between Zoom calls, you have time to immerse yourself in this fast-paced but challenging all-core course from Lucy Sexton and Tracy Carlinksy, the instructors and founders of Bonded by the Burn.

The routine is part of Bonded by the Burn’s signature classes: a mix of quick transition cardio movements and modeling exercises that train your muscles, large and small, from every angle. (Related: Best Lower Belly Exercises For A Toned Core)

And Sexton, a Road Runners Club of America certified treadmill, is no stranger to hybrid workouts that include both cardio and strength training. She has also taught classes at the Flywheel Cycling Studio and the Mile High Run Club, which specializes in HIIT-based treadmills. Carlinsky, meanwhile, has a background in ballet and has taught at SLT, a reformer-based Pilates studio.

25 minute abs workout to completely roast your core

For the Shape Studio training video shown here, all you need is a few feet of freedom of movement, a little less than half an hour blocked by your office calendar, and a pair of gliders, aka those slippery discs, that slide on hard surfaces. (See: Elite Core Sliders, Buy It, $ 9, amazon.com) If you don’t have sliders, slippery socks can work on a smooth surface, or even paper plates or towels under your feet. (Related: Shape Studio: Full Body Living Room Bootcamp)

Expect to make your way through five lightning-fast laps, each with three to five hits designed to get your heart rate up while getting every inch of your core on point.

Some exercises to “lean” on (and your core) include multiple plank variations – forearm plank bear tucks, twisted spider crawls, criss-cross pikes, and climbers, to name a few. FTR, the simple holding of a plank as an isometric exercise, not only builds core strength and endurance, but this type of static holding exercise has also been shown to lower blood pressure and relieve some types of chronic muscle pain.

The story goes on

This core blast routine also includes many variations of the side planks – an exercise that has been shown to ward off spinal curvature and improve posture, according to a study published in Global Advances in Health and Medicine.

Aside from the benefits of individual exercises, another major benefit of this workout is speed. “The transition from fast to slow exercises without breaks increases the time under tension,” explains Carlinsky. “And by doing timed sets of varying intensity and pace, you combine muscle building and cardio into one complete workout,” adds Sexton. (Related: These abs exercises act as a cardio workout for a double workout)

Ready to burn out your core? Click Play on the video above and follow as the duo walk you through each brutal (but well worth it) minute.

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