15 Sugar-Free Starbucks Drinks for Keto, Low Carb, and Diabetes

Tall, Grande or Venti, many Starbucks drinks are full of sugar.

So, if you’re on a low-carb diet like keto, or need to restrict your sugar intake for health reasons like diabetes, navigating past the menu for just a black coffee can be difficult.

But no worry! You can have your cappuccino and drink it too. Here is the ultimate Starbucks low-sugar and sugar-free menu cheat sheet.

The American Heart Association recommends that women consume no more than 25 grams of sugar per day and men no more than 36 grams per day.

Meanwhile, a grande (16-liquid-ounce) caramel frappuccino has 54 grams of sugar. So you may have been drinking sugar in a single serving for more than a day 😱. This is mainly due to the syrup.

If you’d like to leave out the sugar, you can add flair to your java with one of these sugar-free sweetener options:

  • sugar-free vanilla syrup
  • Raw stevia
  • I’ll just skip the sweetener (we know we’re sorry – these are the only sugar-free options right now)

Perhaps your local store also has special sugar-free syrups for each new season 🎃 ❄️.

For your information, these sugar-free syrups contain artificial sweeteners like sucralose. Keep this in mind if you want to avoid artificial sugars as well.

We know you are thirsty! Let’s start with the coffee basics. Here are the best sugar-free coffee drinks at Starbucks.

1. Black coffee

Starbucks may be known for fabulous flavors, but you can still get a good ol ‘cup of black coffee. It has 0 grams of sugar and very few calories. Add a dash of sugar-free vanilla for a fun sugar-free touch.

2. Mixed coffee

This delicious combination of half coffee and half frothed milk is a variant of the French café au lait. To avoid added sugar, don’t ask for this sweetened variety.

3. Flat white

Flat white has been hugely popular in Europe for years and is slowly picking up speed in the US. It’s like a latte, but the espresso is paired with less milk and shallow foam.

4. Latte coffee

This rich blend of espresso and frothed milk is the perfect way to start the day. Ask for a few packets of stevia to sweeten things up if you want.

5. Cappuccino

We love a classic. This sensual mixture of rich espresso and milk foam is delicious all year round. Make it smart with a dash of sugar-free vanilla. You can also ask for it on ice.

6. Iced coffee

Just ask for a black iced coffee with some sugar-free syrup. You can also add a small splash of milk for a touch of creaminess without too much sweetness.

7. Nitro Cold Brew

Nitro Cold Brew is the bomb. This cold brewed coffee in small batches is enriched with nitrogen, which gives it a sweet taste with no added sugar. Score! Just pay attention to the caffeine content of this product.

8. Americans

This super-simple Bevvy – espresso with a splash of water – will overcome your afternoon work slump. And it contains 0 grams of sugar.

Starbucks has a lot more to offer than coffee. Here is the tea.

9. Tango iced tea with passion

This mix of hibiscus, apple, and lemongrass is damn refreshing. It also has cinnamon for a subtle flavor. But the best thing about it? It has 0 grams of sugar and no artificial sweeteners.

10. Peach, citrus and white tea infusion

Teavana white tea is shaken (not stirred) with a ripe peach flavor. Simply ask your barista to leave out the liquid cane sugar.

11. Regular hot tea

Keep it classic with a cup of piping hot tea. Starbucks offers tons of options so you will never get bored.

Now that you’ve mastered the basics, let’s take it to the next level. How to order a special drink like a pro.

12. Thin hot chocolate

This hot chocolate is rich, frothy and oh so chocolaty. It’s made with their bittersweet skinny mocha sauce and the frothed milk of your choice.

13. London fog

This drink will make you say, “London, baby!” How to order: Ask for an Earl Gray tea with 3 parts hot water and 1 part heavy cream. Then request two pumps of the sugar-free vanilla syrup.

14. Iced white

You won’t find this on the menu, but your barista will conjure it up on request. Ask for an unsweetened white peach citrus tea with whipped cream or any other milk of your choice. Then request three or four pumps of the sugar-free vanilla syrup. It’s like a peach cobbler on ice 🍑.

15. Pink drink

Starbucks’ pink drink is a cult classic, but also extremely sweet due to its strawberry and acai base. To really get this sugar free you need to get creative and go off the menu.

Ask your barista for a Passion Tango iced tea with cream, four pumps of sugar-free vanilla syrup, and freeze-dried strawberries. You should omit the coconut milk as it has added sugar.

Committed to a sugar-free life? To keep your sugar levels under control the next time you visit Starbucks, try these tips:

  • Opt for sugar-free sweeteners. Most Starbucks locations offer artificial and non-nutritious sweeteners like Equal, Splenda, Sweet’N Low, and Stevia.
  • Be careful with syrups. Regular syrups are pretty much pure sugar, but sugar-free vanilla is available. You can also get sugar-free mocha sauce.
  • Skip the whipped cream. It’s tasty but full of sugar.
  • Check the sugar content of your milk. Most Starbucks stores only sell sweetened versions of dairy alternatives like soy, almond, and coconut. So you get some added sugar with these options. Cow’s milk does not contain any added sugar, but it does contain a natural sugar called lactose. While lactose can have some advantages over refined sugar, it can still affect some people’s blood sugar levels.

Starbucks has some dope drinks, but finding a sugar-free Bevvy can seem more impossible than a barista who spells your name correctly. (We still love you baristas. ❤️

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