15 LifePro massagers and exercise tools that will help get you in peak shape, all on sale

LifePro Fitness was founded when a couple of friends suffered cruciate ligament ruptures every few months and then suffered again from the rigors of home rehab with inadequate equipment and training that offered minimal support.

LifePro is dedicated to helping users achieve their fitness goals and recovery with solid equipment, clear exercise routines, and support to stay motivated. To get this message across, a full range of LifePro exercise equipment, massage equipment and more is currently being offered at discounts of up to 63 percent from the regular price.

Massage balls

LifePro Agility 4-Speed ​​Vibrating Massage Ball – $ 44.99 under code MASSAGE5; originally $ 49

Users can use these massage rollers to relieve body pain and relieve muscle tension. The regular agility 4-speed ball pumps high-intensity vibrations that penetrate deep into the muscles for an effective massage that relieves tension. Meanwhile, the Agility Plus ($ 39.99; originally $ 74) bumps revs up to 3,800 to get deep into sore muscles and fascia for relief from trigger points and inflammation in specific areas.


Oculax Smart Bluetooth Eye Massager – $ 59.99 by Code OCULAX10; originally $ 119

Give your eyes a break with this visor that uses air compression therapy to soothe the effects of eye strain and fatigue. It has four massage programs with compression, heat, vibration and even music to soothe the acupuncture points around the eyes, eyebrows and temples. It even helps with headaches.

LifePro Legra Wireless Handheld Air Compression Massager – $ 69.99; originally $ 119

Who would have thought that you could feel so much better after a hand massage? But it is true. Just put your hand in and the 5 massage modes and 5 intensity levels for customized support and relief offer gentle pressure, warmth and vibration to help combat the effects of arthritis and carpal tunnel.

Thrive Heat Compression Leg Massager Sleeve – $ 76.99 after code THRIVE11; originally $ 87

For the calf and foot area, the Thrive is king. This leg compression massager improves blood circulation, reduces inflammation and rejuvenates both sore and healthy legs. The sleeve has 6 massage modes, 3 intensity levels and 3 heat levels for relaxing after a strenuous day while standing or walking or as a warm-up and cool-down phase before training.

RelaxaTilt X Foot Massager – $ 109.99; originally $ 149

The RelaxaTilt envelops the calves, feet or even the forearms with soothing warmth, while the 360 ​​° adjustable support rod tilts the massager into the correct position. With 4 massage heads, 3 speed levels and 2 massage directions, you can reduce sore muscles, loosen up stiff joints and treat chronic pain in these barking dogs.

Vitalize Foot Massager – $ 112.99 by code MASSAGE20; originally $ 174

The massager uses a powerful 50W motor to create rhythmic foot vibrations that increase blood flow and warm sore muscles. There’s also a Shiatsu setting to go deep into the skin and tissues for a real workout of sore soles, tired ankles, and cramped legs.

LifePro Axis Air Compression Massager – $ 449.99; originally $ 744

Instead of placing your legs over a massage table for a treatment, this 4-chamber compression massager brings the table directly to your legs. Air compression therapy brings relief and accelerated healing while reducing fluid retention, removing lactic acid, and improving your performance by relieving muscle pain, joint pain, and swelling.

Massage guns

DynaMini Massage Gun – $ 54.99; originally $ 149

Power actually works. This gun aims at its whisper-quiet 900 RPM motor while four speed levels modulate the vibrations for deep muscle relief that breaks knots while relaxing tight muscles. Plus, the 2,900 mAh battery can provide up to 6 hours of massage time on a single charge.

Sonic Handheld Percussion Massage Gun – $ 96.99; originally $ 119

In the meantime, the Sonic engages in up to five different speed levels together with 5 different interchangeable massage heads, so that you always have the best tool for every muscle group. This massager attacks those problem areas and sends waves of relief to where you need it most.

LifePro Dynaflex Percussive Massage Gun – $ 114.99; originally $ 224

After all, here is the beauty of the LifePro massage gun ball. The Dynaflex has a rotatable, adjustable arm that clicks into place in 4 different positions for increased mobility and pain relief. Together with the 10 interchangeable massage attachments, you can get up to 25 hours of massage time out of the Dynaflex before it needs more power, all in one device that weighs only 2.5 kg.

Exercise equipment

LifePro FlexCycle Undercounter Exercise Bike – $ 129.99 under code FLEXCYCLE53; originally $ 187

Kick off the pounds while you go about your work day with this cardiovascular fitness machine that fits right under your desk. This bike is equipped with 8 adjustable voltage settings to modulate pedaling resistance, while 8 different display options help you track your health every time you ride. You can build stamina while completing TPS reports. Win win.

FlexStride Pedal Trainer – $ 179.99; originally $ 299

This compact mini elliptical has wide pedals to improve your core strength, blood flow, flexibility, and muscle tone while sitting at your desk or relaxing on the couch. The 8 resistance settings can help reduce stress and boost your metabolism while you keep track of your results with the backlit LCD display.

LifePro Pacer Folding Treadmill – $ 809.99 under code RUN90; originally $ 899

This exercise bike has a 1.75 HP motor, a wide running track, 12 incline levels and a speed of up to 16 km / h. Users can try over 40 different presets and 3 manual training programs for optimal training. It also has a hydraulic folding function to pack the machine up for easy storage until the next time.

Lifepro PowerFlow Plus: Adjustable Dumbbell Set – $ 169.99 per code LIFEPRO30; originally $ 199

To sharpen and tone a body, nothing like a set of dumbbells works. This collection starts at 5 lbs. before working his way up to 25 lbs. for a measured, controlled training routine. The built-in system makes it easy to switch between weights in the meantime, so you avoid the clutter of multiple sets of dumbbells lying around.

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