10 Vegan Dips for Summer Picnics and Parties

The hot weather is here and with it the time of year for picnics and lunches on the veranda. In hot and humid weather, something quick and easy to prepare is often just the thing. Peeking over a hot hob just sounds lousy.

Dips are the perfect dish for a light lunch, an appetizer or to pack in a picnic basket. Chop up some carrot, bell pepper, and celery, or use flatbread, chips, pita, or crackers to use as a dip tool.

Homemade dips are really versatile and can be prepared for all dietary restrictions and requirements from vegan, gluten-free, fat-free and high-protein to raw. They’re usually super easy to make and can be cooked in an amount to suit your appetite or the number of guests.

Check out these OGP dip recipes for summer snack inspiration.

1. Guacanoochi


Source: Guacanoochi / A green planet

Guacanoochi do you say? Sound familiar? Well, this delicious dip from Adam Merrin and Ryan Alvarez takes the beloved guacamole and soups it with a healthy amount of nutritional yeast to create a particularly healthy, extra flavorful avocado-based dip. Don’t forget your chips!

2. Red Pepper Cashew Queso Dip with baked tortilla chips

Red Pepper Cashew Queso Dip with baked tortilla chips

Source: Red Pepper Cashew Queso Dip with Baked Tortilla Chips / One Green Planet

This Red Pepper Cashew Queso Dip with Baked Tortilla Chips Recipe by Christine DesRoches takes a traditional cheese-based recipe and turns it into a plant-based treat. This recipe also includes instructions for making your own baked tortilla chips to really impress your friends. Serve this dip warm or straight from the refrigerator.

3. Bean salsa with homemade tortilla chips

Bean salsa

Source: Bean salsa with homemade tortilla chips / One Green Planet

You can’t go wrong with a classic bean dip. If you show up for a meetup with this bean salsa made with homemade tortilla chips from Natalie Martin MS, RD, and Lexie Staten MS, RD is sure to popularize you. Here’s another recipe to encourage you to make your own tortilla chips as well.

4. Roasted red pepper dip

Roasted paprika dip

Source: Roasted Red Pepper Dip / One Green Planet

Roasted red bell peppers, walnuts, and lemon juice are used in this toasted red bell pepper dip by Diane Smith. This dip is perfect for a party, or you can build an entire menu around it. Get some raw veggies and soak in this creamy and perfectly flavorful dip.

5. Lemon and white bean dip

Lemon and white bean dip

Source: Lemony White Bean Dip / One Green Planet

If you’re looking for something other than the standard hummus, swap out the chickpeas for white cannellini beans. In this recipe for Lemony White Bean Dip by Crissy Cavanaugh, the beans make for a much creamier dip and the lemon gives you that familiar pizzazz.

6. Fried beans

Vegan Refried Beans

Source: Refried Beans / One Green Planet

You can prepare a classic with just six ingredients. Refried beans are ideal for dipping or spooning over a large plate of nachos. Mireille Aikman’s recipe is so simple that you’ll be immersed in it in no time.

7. Simple peanut salsa

Vegan peanut salsa

Source: Easy Peanut Salsa / One Green Planet

Here’s another delicious yet easy recipe from Mireille Aikman. This crowd favorite of a dip has just the right balance of nuttiness, sweetness and flavor. This Easy Peanut Salsa has a taste that is reminiscent of the types of sauces you might find on pasta or stir-fries.

8. Moutabal (Middle East Eggplant Dip)


Source: Moutabal (Middle East eggplant dip) / One Green Planet

This Moutabal (Middle East Eggplant Dip) by Adam Merrin and Ryan Alvarez is made by roasting an eggplant on the stove until the skin turns black. Then this deliciously smoky eggplant is mixed with lemon juice, tahini, garlic, cayenne pepper, and cumin into a deep and creamy dip that will be a treat.

9. Thai Red Curry Sweet Potato Dip

Curry sweet potato dip

Source: Thai Red Curry Sweet Potato Dip / One Green Planet

Here’s another white bean dip for that extra creamy texture. In this Thai Red Curry Sweet Potato Dip from The Vegan 8, the beans are mixed with juicy sweet potatoes and deeply spicy Thai Red Curry to create a definitely delicious dip.

10. Red chimichurri sauce

vegan red chimichurri sauce

Source: Red Chimichurri Sauce / One Green Planet

But Chimichurri is green, isn’t it? Well, the parsley-based one is, yes. However, this Mireille Aikman red chimichurri sauce is made from sweet red peppers. This is a beautifully lively dip that is sure to be a winner and any pot luck or party.

Try making some of your own healthy and filling dips and you’ll find them very popular at the next porch party or picnic.

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